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ImgResizer Pro 1.0

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ImgResizer Pro Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the different between ImgResizer Pro and ImgResizer?

ImgResizer Pro covers all the function provided by ImgResizer. ImgResizer Pro Provides some advance features over ImgResizer such as it allows to rotate and flip the photo. User may add a tailor-made border to the photo and apply some special effect.

2. What kind of image type does ImgResizer Pro support?

ImgResizer Pro supports BMP, GIF, JPG/JPEG, PNG and TIFF format.

3. What if the source folder contains files with format other than supported format?

Only the pictures of supported format will converted and save to the destination folder. The files other than those will not be processed.

4. What is the result photo look like if I add the photo border to the photo and apply the special effect?

Your photo will apply the special effect first and then add the border to it finally. Therefore the border will not affect by the special effect.

5. How could I also apply the special effect to the border?

You may add the photo border to the photo and save it. Then apply the special effect to the result photo.

6. How come the photo doesn't change after I change the pixel in single file mode?

When you change the pixel value in single file mode, the image in the preview window will not change immediately. It will refresh after the image is saved and reload.

7. How to report bugs?

You may report bugs by email to